457A Sengkang West Road

Designer: Megan

Property Type: HDB

Renovation Cost: $60,000

Style: Contemporary, Modern

To create a Modern Contemporary home with a timeless look, the colour scheme and elements for this HDB unit was kept clean and simple. 


A customised shoe cabinet was added to conceal the bomb shelter. The mirrors have been designed and completed with white laminate to create a seamless look. 


The TV feature wall is completed with a laminate finish that resembles marble. Homogenous tiles with a matte finish were used for the living room floor. 


The kitchen island is finished with quartz countertops and doubles up as a preparation table and dining space. Wall niches and seamless cabinets were designed to store and display kitchen appliances


The TV feature wall, which was created with a stucco effect to resemble a cement-screed wall with angle-lined detailing, conceals the entryway to the walk-in wardrobe. The flooring was completed with vinyl. 


The walk-in wardrobe was finished with a laminate; grey tinted glass was used to create a mysterious effect for the displayed items. 


The walls and flooring were completed with homogeneous tiles, while granite was used for the vanity countertop. 



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