Yishun Ave 4

Designer: Leon Luo

Property Type: HDB

Renovation Cost: $70,000

Style: Contemporary

Unlike Leon’s usual colourful theme, this homeowner requested a monochromatic theme for their home. 


Stucco textured effect with plastering material is used to complete the TV feature wall in the living room. 


The TV console and bay window were customised and completed with laminate finishing. 


Grey tiles with white veins were intentionally selected to complete the monochrome look.


The metal black grill is installed to provide a separation between areas while providing privacy.


A monochrome kitchen is completed with a black marble backsplash with sleek looking black cabinets. 


For texture, a white brick-looking wall and marble tiles was selected in contrast to the dark tiled flooring in the bathroom. 

Monochrome patterned tiles were used at the entry for separation from the foyer entryway to the rest of the house.




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