Montreal Link

Designer: Leon Luo

Property Type: HDB

Renovation Cost: $60,000

Style: Eclectic

Being a fan of a mixture of random colours, textures and materials, this is how the inspiration came about for this home. 



The brick wall came from three different suppliers to create a more random and natural-looking feel. The tiles selected are a mixture of rough textures, flat-looking, and in different shades of red and orange.


The purple curvy entryway to other parts of the home came together with the intention to gel together with a column, beam and a bomb shelter. 


The flooring was completed with the wood finishing to have that random natural material finish. The TV console was done in black to prevent it from outshining the flooring, while the mirror finishing makes the console look slimmer. 


A functional chalkboard is added for practical purposes while providing different textures. The tree trunk silhouette is a quirky yet functional feature as it hides all the cables behind the TV and the lights for the ceiling. 


In the kitchen, the flooring is an original random tile found at the tiles supplier shop. It is a mixture of random colours that has a wooden finish that suits the theme of the house. 



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