Hougang Ave 8

Designer: Leon

Property Type: HDB

Renovation Cost: $80,000

Style: Eclectic, Mid Century Modern

This home is filled with a blend of a Mid Century Modern theme with a touch of different colours around the space. 


A blue accent feature by the walls and up the ceiling is made the feature to provide an illusion of larger space while providing separation of spaces around the house. 


Vinyl flooring was used to complete the Mid Century Modern theme. 


In the rooms, a wall is selected to have a pop of colour amidst the surrounding white walls.


In the kitchen, blue shaker style cabinets were selected. Brick-looking white tiles were chosen for the kitchen backsplash. 


For the entry to the service yard, patterned clear etch glass were used. 


Patterned porcelain tiles were used in the kitchen. 


In the toilet, white subway tiles were used with a timber look alike tiles. Above the toilet bowl, the walls were painted white. 



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