The Vue

Designer: Kelly Choong

Property Type: Condo

Renovation Cost: $70,000

Style: Scandinavian

This unit was designed to be that of a Scandinavian theme influenced by elements from the 70s’. 

Terrazzo designed countertop were chosen to suit the 70s’ theme. A fully-functioning electric stove sits on the countertop, and the remaining space is used as a dining table. A shelf has been built above to provide storage space. 


Subway and terrazzo tiles have been used in the common bathroom to complete the 70s’ theme. 


In the master bedroom bathroom, white herringbone tiles with a splash of grey are designed on the top part of the walls while the bottom is made up of grey tiles. The black and white flooring, together with the Peranakan-inspired sink, adds a touch of fun to this 70s’ themed home. 


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