Ridgewood Close

Designer: Kelly

Property Type: Condo

Renovation Cost: $150,000

Style: Industrial

This Condominium unit was designed with an Industrial theme, coupled with plenty of wood materials. 


It’s the second time Kelly is designing for this homeowner. 


The rose wood flooring which was kept from the previous owner was extended to the living room and master bedroom. The colour choice for the TV console was chosen to match the rose wood flooring. 


The TV feature with white and wood linings acts as a storage space in the bedroom. The niche in the wood headboard functions as both a side table and storage area.


Wood, white and metal elements were used to create resort vibes. The dining and study tables are custom made using solid teak wood. 


A wooden storage cabinet is suspended from the ceiling; glass doors were used to separate the study and dining area. 




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