Project 38

Designer: Joey Khu

Property Type: Condo

Style: Contemporary, Modern

This double-storey penthouse unit aims for a contemporary, Nordic-style home that has subtle refinements with details. 


 Bathed in natural light, the living room is kept simple, with minimal carpentry and statement pieces like the designer chandelier and cowhide rug. The cowhide rug introduces an additional layer of tactile interest, acting like the room’s centerpiece. 


A feature wall covered in corkboard-like wallpaper offers an uncommon juxtaposition to the graphite-toned walls of the living room.  


A floating desk design complete with open storage compartments. A full-length shelf adjacent to the desk area also maximizes the room’s vertical footprint, while its mirror backing offers an effortless way to add depth, light, and luxury to the space. 


A ladder, inspired by those of shipyards and swimming pools, leads up to the space-saving hideaway. While this one-of-a-kind addition makes use of the study’s high ceiling, it also features a safety glass partition (instead of an opaque one) to maintain visual lightness.


In the master bedroom, the highlight of the space is its striking feature wall clad in textured, cowhide-like wallpaper.



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