443A Bukit Batok

Designer: Jack

Property Type: HDB

Renovation Cost: $80,000

Style: Scandinavian

This BTO unit incorporates the use of different materials to visually enhance the space. 


The engineered wood TV feature wall is a noticeable feature upon entering the home. Diagonal lines on the wall stretch the width of the space and the lack of skirting on the walls enhances the ceiling height. 


The island kitchen, made out of laminate and quartz, functions as a space for hosting and gatherings. By the main door, there is a tinted mirror used as the door to their storage. Frameless glass sliding doors were used as the entryway to the kitchen. With the tracks hidden, the lighting is distributed better while making the whole ceiling space look clean and clutter free. 


Cupboard doors were completed with tinted glass, while the room floorings were done with engineered wood. 


The bathroom is completed with cement screed and copper mosaic tiles on the wall. The flooring is made of pebble wash finish. 



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