Tiong Poh Road

Designer: Paul & Ivan

Property Type: HDB

Renovation Cost: $140,000

Style: Retro

This pre-war public housing ground floor unit is surrounded by a melting pot of world charm and millennial hipster.


The gate at the main door is made of powder-coated aluminium grilles to complement the royal blue door. 


Being greeted by the emerald cathedral glass windows, the rest of the living room is greeted with loud and bold colours and textures. 


A Great Gatsby-inspired wallpaper adorns the living room while the rest of the furniture and decor is kept bright and loud to complete the theme. 


In the study, the original olive green and white mosaic tiles were retained, and a full-height shelf was installed to display all the collectables like antiques, memorabilia, vinyl records and literature. 


The royal blue wardrobe celebrates the eclectic garments of the female homeowner. 


By using mirrors on the beams and bathroom doors, it creates an infinite arched portal in the wardrobe. 


With clerestory windows and glass sliding doors, it allows sunlight to enter this second living area which brightens up the sky blue and light toned kitchen. 




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