East Coast Avenue

Designer: Paul & Ivan

Property Type: Landed

This 5-storey townhouse along East Coast is a tribute to the homeowners’ love for travelling.

The living room is anchored by a feature wall made up of granite, homogenous ceramic tiles, aluminium, mirror, and accent lights. 


The kitchen is an open concept connected to the living room. A travertine countertop is supported by a fluted base that vertically extends down the main staircase to the basement. 

Microcement flooring makes contact with the marble of the living room floor via a nickel strip. A mixture of off-white laminates, travertine backsplash, textured paints and a nickel framed fluted glass door form a three-dimensional composition of textures, curves, and planes. 


The master bathroom is a tribute to the homeowner’s love for natural marble. A cavernous space almost carved out from a quarry is fitted in with timber and other bathroom accessories. 


A latticed timber window frames an outdoor Zen rock garden as one approaches the attic floor.



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