Robin Regalia

Designer: Eric

Property Type: Condo

Renovation Cost: $100,000

Style: Contemporary

In this Condominium unit with space limitations, a contemporary colour scheme that features dark wood and light stone tones was chosen for this home. The carpentry and cabinets were customised to have at least 2 functions to meet the usage requirements of the homeowners. 

The TV feature wall is a combination of both design and art. The integration of lighting design acts as an important element to provide a sense of softness and spaciousness to the living area. 


To maximise storage space, the master bedroom was constructed with a platform bed.  


This bedroom is designed with a loft concept in mind. There were no pillars on the side for the upper deck bed, providing a suspended upper deck. 


The bathroom was designed with a sleek and minimalist approach. Single black tiles for the bathroom wall were used and can be seen maximising the reflection of lights from the mirror, chrome and glass material. 




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