Kim Tian Road

Designer: Debbie Lim

Property Type: HDB

Renovation Cost: $65,000

Style: Modern

Making use of monochromatic tones, this resale HDB home was designed to be timeless and elegant.  


To soften the starkness of a monochrome home, soft furnishings in a similar monochromatic palette were specially selected.


Walls were converted to glass doors to allow natural sunlight to enter the space. 


The customised mirror perfectly pairs with the statement light and round marble table; creating a touch of elegance in the dining area. 


Floor to ceiling wardrobes run parallel along the back of the bedhead feature wall.


Nooks were added to function as additional storage space. 


Functional elements like gold handles, art pieces, cookware and accessories were added to elevate the backdrop and inject personality into the space. 



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