Wallich Residence I

Designer: CK Low

Property Type: Condo

Style: Minimalist

As minimalism reaches new heights in popularity, as an aesthetic that goes beyond its modernist inspired boundaries, it is an enticing experience to witness how creators express their vision. Wallich Residence is a project that pushes the limits of minimalism, a case study of simplicity in living with a multifaceted interior design.

Working under the premise of simple luxury, CK Low truly showcase their ability to bring the best of premium materials, especially the gorgeous raw and sand-like colour as it bathes the residence in its entirety—a valiant move. 


The open windows are of critical importance to complement the chosen colour. The warmness is welcome as it brings a unique expression throughout, achieving true visual cohesion.


The interior design is understated, but expresses itself through a collection of textures and geometric forms. The variance of materials is indulgent but never harsh.


 The circular shapes act as counterbalance elements, as thin black hanging lamps and hand-picked chairs play with horizontal and vertical lines from the wood partitions and walls.


It is important to note the vertical lines acting as the guiding line throughout the project. A visual pattern with slight variations from the social to the private area. 


Through gentle design and guaranteeing amplitude in all spaces, the designers introduce a tinge of Japanese influence, reminding us of traditional tea rooms—reinterpreted here as reading rooms and lounging areas.



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