Tess Bar & Kitchen

Designer: CK Low

Property Type: Commercial

Style: Contemporary, Modern

Situated at 38 Seah Street, Tess Bar & Kitchen is a drink-centric but food-centred concept with a focus on a modern interpretation of cocktails and food.


Photo Credits: David Chan & Dennis Lim

Formerly a conservation shop-house, the open space plan now features a modern industrial chic design ideal for patrons to lounge and mingle in a relaxed atmosphere. With our creative pairing of bar and kitchen offerings, Tess is designed to be a platform for young Asian talents to showcase their crafts.


 Fine food and wine served in space texturally defined by brick, screed and matte black steel refined by the luxurious timber surfaces and pieces of timeless furniture.


The industrial chic watering hole made sublime by the amber glow of incandescent bulbs.



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