Reunion Pavilion

Designer: CK Low

Property Type: Commercial

Style: Minimalist

Conceptualised as a deliberate and deeply rejuvenating dining experience, the Reunion Pavilion is located in a remote savanna away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Each visit begins with a journey along a scenic route that helps the mind disconnect from the stresses of everyday life. Upon arrival, guests partake in a hearty celebration where stomachs are filled, the soul is nourished and hearts are warmed. In this way, the reunion is not just with loved ones, but a reunion of the physical and spiritual self.


The simple circular form and gentle curves of the pavilion are intended to evoke a sense of safety and comfort, while also symbolising the never-ending relationships shared by the guests within it.


Apart from the round dining table and its surrounding seats — 12, no less — the pavilion is kept bare. Carved out from the solid oak floor itself, the dining set is a permanent expression of the sole purpose of this pavilion. With a direct connection to the environment via the skylight and the panoramic windows, the people, the space and the surroundings meld into one.



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