R + L

Designer: CK Low

Style: Minimalist

A shift from the tradition housing concept of monolithic rooms with opaque walls that usually discourage all the good interactions in a habitable space.

Photo Credits: Tai Heng Interior

This project targets to improve usability and interaction of a typical housing unit without compromising the importance of privacy. The wall that separate living and dining area is intentionally elevated from the floor to have a glimpse of the activity on each space. 


Original enclosed wet kitchen has been reconfigured into a dry kitchen with an island for bar seating. Above the island is cladded with timber material to subtly demarcate the kitchen area from the other spaces. 


 The visually connected open-plan and semi-open walls enable the unit to fill with abundance of natural sun-light for good interactions.


Between dining and study area is a usable full height storage shelves with a stretch of opening for visual connection. 



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