Nassim Mansion

Designer: CK Low

Property Type: Condo

Style: Minimalist

Located in the heart of cosmopolitan District 10, in Singapore, is Nassim Mansion—an extravagant dwelling, bathed in muted tones and a predilection for unique texture work.

The social area is as ample as possible, with lean wood partitions acting as boundaries between lounges and the dining area.


From first glance, the attention to detail is evident, as each area displays a welcome variance in shapes and forms. For instance, the side table, the geometric carpet, the fabrics, the hanging lap—every element brings forth a unique but very cohesive visual variation. It is a difficult combination to pull off successfully, especially when a minimalist aesthetic is involved.


To maintain fluidity, timber doors are seamlessly hidden amongst the meandering wall panels for a continuous flow of material. 



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