The Arch House

Designer: Bing

Property Type: Landed

Renovation Cost: $400,000

Style: Modern

This Minimalist home was designed to be bright, spacious and timeless to cater to the homeowner’s love for hosting friends and family. 


The arch glass wall is the main feature to allow more natural light into the space, while connecting both the living and dining space together. 


With no television, a built-in settee bench is built in the living hall for guests to sit and have conversations.


The use of 70’s design elements such as the terrazzo flooring was added to complement the homeowner’s porcelain collection. 


Full length windows and doors surround the large dining table to allow natural light to enter. 


A large kitchen island table with a customised floor to ceiling storage cabinet at the back functions as an ideal preparation area for the homeowner who loves to bake. 


White colours and oak wood were used throughout the home to keep things simple. 



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