Tanah Merah

Designer: Arjan Nijen Twilhaar

Property Type: Condo

Renovation Cost: $250,000

Style: Colonial

Taking inspiration from a culturally diverse theme, this inter-terrace home has a strong design concept that allows the owners’ personality and style to shine. Gotten inspiration from Silk Road, it brings together different styles and themes. 


The dining area is the statement room of the house. The mural features a scene from the Chao Phraya River. 


A quiet star of the room is the coiffed ceiling with its fretwork design. This adds another layer of design and texture to the space.


To create the illusion of space, the back wall was mirrored and a wood trellis was added on top. To make this space an outdoor living room, the flooring was laid in a striped chevron pattern and comfortable outdoor furniture. 


The laminate shaker style kitchen is finished in a steel blue hue, one of the colour themes for this level of the home. 


Custom cabinets with rattan were added and a larder was carved out from the space under the stairs. While the design and material choices are colonial in style, the colours and eclectic decorations make this a contemporary space.


 In the master bedroom, the headboard wall is laid with paisley wallpaper. Custom bone inlay side tables are a nod to the British Raj part of the design story. 


The master bedroom bathroom tiles are slightly bolder, with its travertine design and cobalt blue deco tile. The vanity is in a nautical blue laminate shaker, combined with hand painted porcelain knobs. A luxury mirror adds a bit of glamour and visual interest.


The powder room tiles are in a fabric weave pattern, picking up on the overall theme. A large decorative panel with palm leaves adds a pop of colour and visual interest. The vanity countertop is a live edge wood slab, which is combined with antiqued brass fittings and a mirror. 



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