Marina One

Designer: Arjan

Property Type: Condo

Renovation Cost: $130,000

Style: Contemporary, Modern

Wanting to break with the modern and cookie cutter aesthetics of this new condo, an aesthetic overhaul brought Belgravia Townhouse glamour to this apartment with breath-taking views.


In the living room, wainscoting was added and the walls are hand painted with an abstract landscape – in line with Feng Shui requirements.


Large chandeliers were placed in the living and dining area, and the furniture is kept modern with a fun twist to upholstery choices to the custom-made side chairs. The ceiling was raised by shifting the ducted aircons, allowing a statement ceiling throughout the entire room. 


The open kitchen cabinets were replaced with white shaker style carpentry and more storage was created by adding more cabinets.


In the master bedroom, the walk-in wardrobe was replaced with fret-work wardrobes – lined with mirrors.






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