Designer: Arjan

Property Type: Condo

Renovation Cost: $80,000

Style: Eclectic

Inspired by Hemmingways’ Cuban Plantation home, this shoebox apartment features a colourful mix of Colonial Design with a bold colour scheme and finished with Mid-Century modern furniture. 



The dining area sits in the centre of the home, with a vantage point through the library towards the open view.


Chevron American Walnut flooring flows through the unit, which is trimmed with white tall skirting boards.


The snug master bedroom rocks a bold geometric pattern wallpaper, which is offset with dark louvred wood doors and rich textures in the curtains.


The cabinets feature a dark rich green hue that comes together with the grey, white and green marble. Mixed metals like the brass handles and the copper backsplash offer a touch of luxury. 


To create the illusion of more space, the wall in the kitchen is lined with a chevron patterned mirror wall.


The bold patterns are continued in the powder room, where a custom printed Banana Leaf wallpaper lines the wall. Little details like the light fittings, agate handles on the vanity and brass and rose quartz table add a touch of understated luxury.



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