Ghim Moh

Designer: Arjan

Property Type: HDB

Renovation Cost: $80,000

Style: Modern

This BTO apartment got a Mid Century Modern makeover, taking inspiration from apartments found in Northern Europe. Not the typical clean lines and cold austere aesthetic, but a warm and cozy home that oozes personality with an eye for detail.


The living room design is kept to a minimum. Walnut vinyl flooring is laid with a perimeter border to add an extra layer of texture. 




Continuing the walnut flooring, in the kitchen we used a more practical tile that pairs nicely with the white laminate shaker cabinets. Hand-pressed subway tiles give a soft texture, yet keep the look clean-lined. Clean cut quartz countertops finish the look. 


As the yard was annexed to the kitchen, special bifold doors hide the washer and dryer for a seamless and integrated look.



Marble patterns in the shower stalls, with clean white tiles for the rest of the walls were paired with dark grey floor tiles and wood tones for vanity were done nicely to soften the austere look. 


Right at the door entrance, there is an integrated cabinet that functions as a shoe storage. It is lined with mirror to give an integrated appearance. The floor is lined with custom cut tiles and laid in herringbone pavers.


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