Leonie Hill

Designer: Arden Andrien Lukito

Property Type: Condo

Renovation Cost: $190,000

Style: Modern

This is a home inspired by the beautiful surrounding landscape, stainless steel furniture and the strong concept of wabi sabi. 


Softly curved ceiling corners heightened by the full height sheer linen connects the living and dining spaces into one. 


A 2-seater work desk completed with panel details of solid oak strips has been designed with a concealed cabling system. All edges were chamfered thin, expressing a sleek profile that sat in harmony with the living room environment. 


Furniture and the design expression on carpentries were kept thin and sleek to exude a sense of elegance and lightness. 


In the bedroom, it sets in a soft natural palette of timber, woven fabric and venetian paint along with warmly lit cove lights by the walls. 


Surrounded by sliding panels made of glass and sandwiched between vertical timber strips, the bathroom stands confidently as a glass box, transforming into an alluring feature in the bedroom. 





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