The Clementi Canopy

Designer: Amanda Pang

Property Type: Condo

Renovation Cost: $30,000

Style: Industrial, Minimalist

Taking inspiration from the homeowner’s traveling and love for plants, this industrial minimalist home is designed with an earthy colour tone. Inspired by the endurance and grit to climb and hike mountains, multiple grid concept elements have been incorporated into the overall design concept. 


This full-height bookshelf is made out of veneer wood material to create the natural wood aesthetic. The flooring has been overlaid with micro cement finishes for the industrial and natural flooring feel. 


A metal hanging rack that functions as a planter, hanging display, and light behaves like a centerpiece in the dining area. Underneath it is a natural wooden table with blue veins and a bench sitting as the dining table. 


Along the corridor, a curved passageway displays a gallery of their travel photos. Walls are painted blue to contrast against the cement screed floors.


The wardrobe is completed with a metal laminate finishing to give it a polished look against the cement wall. 


With cement screed and natural wood elements in both bedrooms, it creates a small down-to-earth cosy adobe, reflecting the couple’s personality.


The backsplash of the kitchen is overlaid with white grid tiles. Instead of a usual glass divider, a metal grid panel has been used for functional purposes. 


For the bathroom, subway tiles in gradual blue tones are used to follow the grid concept.



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