Designer: Amanda Pang

Property Type: Condo

Renovation Cost: $75,000

Style: Eclectic, Industrial

This 700sqft home is designed to be adventurous with the design details. This home displays a great combination of eclectic style with Peranakan and industrial inspired design detail elements. There was some major space reconfiguration done to the home layout.


To pull off a cohesive design language, a dark wood flooring applied to visually link the entertainment area to the main living zone. Right at the entertainment area hides storage spaces. A customised metal grille design behaves like a decorative focal point in the living room. The circular motifs in black and gold represent musical notes, reflecting the homeowner’s love for music. 


In the kitchen, vintage ventilation blocks, patterned tiles and brass-finished pendant lights with scallop details were used to accentuate the Peranakan style influences.


In the bedroom, a full-height wardrobe space is built, with custom storage compartments to store their collections of bags and eyewear. The black and gold circular motifs visually connect social space and private space in the home. 


The bathroom was also adorned with blue Peranakan tiles which follows the colour scheme of the apartment, achieving visual harmony in the home. To fully complete the Peranakan-industrial style, cement-like floor tiles with their neutral tone were used in the bathroom. 



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