A Composition Space

Designer: Aloysius Ganiel

Property Type: HDB

Style: Contemporary, Modern

Transitioning through the interconnected spaces, lower ceilings and a change of materials signal the entrance to more private spaces, where the colour palette is expanded — and varies in each room — and spaces become described as ‘cosier, warmer and more domestic’.

The living room feature wall was designed with a volumised panel to add depth and detail by having a concealed door to hide the TV area from view. 


To enhance the contemporary luxe finishing, the tabletop for the TV console was specially selected from Dekton. Large-format tiles were used in the living area to give a more spacious look. 


Light-toned wood laminate with minimal wood veins was used to prevent the kitchen from looking too cramped or dull. 


Curved edges of the kitchen cabinets were selected to complete a seamless finishing.


In the bedroom, the bed are placed on a raised platform to provide elevated privacy and to mimic a resort feel. Floors were completed with vinyl flooring. 


To give that touch of luxury, the headboard was customised using upholstery finishing with a half-height feature wall using a marble stone-like laminated finishing.


The En-suite bathroom was designed without any door, unlike conventional bathrooms.


Large formatted and green forested-like marble tiles were selected to complete the resort look in the shower area. 


At the entrance, blue marble look-alike porcelain floor tiles were selected to give off a luxurious look. Pairing with detailed cabinetry and Venetian blinds, it completes the whole cosy warm welcoming walk through before entering the living space. 



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