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Leonie Hill

Condo  |  S$190,000

A little about me

What made you interested in becoming an Interior Designer?

I’ve spent most of my childhood catching insects, which beauty and details inspire me to be in the art and design industry. I chose interior because it is an extension of the resident/brand and it is always exciting to explore this.  


What is the most challenging part of your job?

As a designer I would want the best for my client, very often I would sacrifice my own cost and time to make it happen. The challenge is always to find the perfect balance.

Where do you usually get your inspiration from?

Art and nature are my main source of inspiration, by combining these with the contextual understanding of the space, a concept will naturally guide the design process.

If you have unlimited resources, what is a world's problem that you wish to tackle?

I would want to fight against corruption. Too many have suffered for someone’s greed.


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